Monkey around on Dallas property. The Dallas Zoo houses all kinds of animals so get ready for a wild time. Visitors to the park can download a copy of the grounds and plan their day in advance. Parents find this a great way to avoid arguments over whose favorite animal to see first. Key exhibits replicate natural habitats and place a focus on conservation education.

The fun starts at the Entry Plaza and Zoo North. Here it’s easy to get in the spirit of things by hopping aboard the endangered species carousel. Awareness is paramount to the survival of the world’s critters and little riders learn to identify the animals who are in peril in the wild. The Wonders of the Wild interactive show also takes place here and features an array of mammals and birds. On the Way to the Wilds of Africa seek out lemurs in the Lemur Lookout. Native to the country of Madagascar three species of these characters also call Dallas home. Aldabra tortoises are intermixed with the lemurs and are amazing to watch in their own right.

The Wilds of Africa covers the ecosystems of the entire African continent. This impressive area of the park reaches over 30 acres of land and includes a mountain range, desert, forest, bush, river and woodland. A popular part of the Dallas property, elephants, hippos, penguins, chimpanzees, lions and more are exhibited. Safari trips are great ways to get an up close view of animals native to Africa.

Make Memories with Exotic Animals Calling Dallas Home

Nearby, the Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo presents the opportunity for interactions. Feathered friends eagerly perch on shoulders and arms when offered bits of nectar and other treats from those meandering through Travis and Zach’s Bird Landing. In the Farmyard charming farm animals such as goats, lambs and chickens await cuddles and pats. Games are played and learning done in the Discovery House and Yard. And, when the Texas sun gets too hot to stand there’s lots of splashing in the stream.

Memberships allow memories to be made at the Dallas Zoo on a regular basis. Perks include unlimited admission, member only events, discounts and much more. Perhaps the greatest part of becoming a member is helping animals and their habitats around the globe thrive.